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SkyFarms Theme Development

SkyFarms Theme Repository for contribution purposes

Do you wanna be a part of SkyFarms open-source project?

Initiative Overview is an open-source AgriHub designed to solve lack of access to local, sustainable food by connecting farm-to-fork in every community.

For a complete synopsis of OUR story, WHAT we do, WHY this is useful, and HOW to get started, please visit SkyFarms


+PRIMARY VALUATION: Repurposing empty, unused space for use of farming through “Match-Search” collaborative platform (engaging hosts, volunteers and commerce).  

+SECONDARY VALUATION: Maximizing sustainable harvest yield and P2P distribution channels for farmers.

+TERTIARY VALUATION: Access To agricultural information and technology community which focuses on growing sustainable farm-to-fork food system through a replicable template for distributing local food democracies.

Getting Started

+All information about procedeurs, relevant theme files and our code of conduct is presented here on GitHub.

+All direct development needs is listed as challenges, theese are the ones that has money rewards! We would like to also mention, remember that you can reach out, and find or create your team, on SkyFarms Slack channels. Read more under SkyFarms Open Source page

+Read all the guidelines here on GitHub and then find a challenge here; SkyFarms Open Source page

+If you found a challenge, use the ‘Accept Challenge’ link and mail your contact and you on board. Easy like that!

+Now we are doing business, introduce yourself to the team, you´ll find the team on Slack. If you have some questions, the team will provide answers and lastly, let´s make an agreement on a reward.

+Or if you have another idea about contribute code for SkyFarms, contact the team here; Send Mail to admin here, leave your contact and we´ll be thrilled to hear your vision!

+Some project planning, team work, think tanks and contributions talk is on our Slack channels but we have also our SkyFarms Facebook group. You´ll find more team members at SkyFarms Slack.

+Team planning, work management, task board and bigger serious team work, SkyFarms admin stronlgy suggest the use of Trello. Sign up here Trello. Trello Admin will add you to SkyFarms board simply by a mail to admin with your Trello info.

+It´s appreciated if you send in a wireframe or mockup, to the team, before you proceed with coding, just to get the thumbs up and be granted with access to SkyFarms GIT repository.

+SkyFarms is an open source community! It means you have the freedom to take on any of our challenges. But! You can also contribute your code for crops, you are then a member in our growing community. Why not do both challenges and contributions? Take part in new projects, suggest your own project. Start a team for your project.. We are doing the grassroots movement!


+Setup your development environment

+Install WordPress and a new database

+If needed; Install dependencies (contact team for your requests)

+Import Repository & code away!

Heads up!

+SkyFarms Admin suggests the development of lighter work, being constructed and sent in as a plugin. (also, easier for SkyFarms, to compliment your work on our channels and to bring back reputation and value to you)

+The development of bigger work will be directly done inside the theme folders.


+We use TRELLO


+Testing and Debugging is to be done on your local machine and after passing test, push to the GIT repository.

+Plugins shall be sent directly to SkyFarms Admin.


+Deployment to the live server will be executed by one of out team members.


+How do I get the money? Our award fund are based off of donations and merchandise sales. They are fixed for now but change and grow in the future. If we add your code into ours, you are a winner, and will be informed immediately.. and love and fame shall follow. You can receive the fund via PayPal, or Zell.


+Got stuck? Need support? Or just wanna hang out and have fun, check out SkyFarms social channels for developers.

Join us here, SLACK

Contributing Guidelines

Please read for details on how to contribute and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details